Summary of Learning Project

When I first set out with my learning project I had expected that it would take me a long time to complete even one project, but this was the type of homework that I thoroughly enjoyed. From January until the end of March I stitched away at five projects and for the most part I am pleased with all of them! I learned three different stitches throughout this course and I would say that I have mastered none of them! But I had fun while doing so and I’d say my projects turned out not bad. By browsing various websites, Pinterest pages, Youtube channels, and asking my grandma for help I am confident in saying that I will be taking this learning project one step further and continuing it for probably the rest of my life!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and I hope that I maybe taught somebody else something!

Photo Credit: jiva via Compfight cc


Cozy Hooks

I was fortunate enough to get all of my grandma’s hooks from her, but in doing so I was given them in a plastic bag. Now I’m not complaining, I was grateful to get the hooks, but some people thought that that was not an appropriate way to carry my hooks around. So once again I headed to Pinterest  and found a pattern for a crochet hook holder that I thought would work for me using the stitches I recently learned to help me.

This pattern seemed somewhat simple to me, I just had to focus on my counting and make sure I was doing the appropriate amount of stitches for each row (easier said than done). The end goal I had in mind was to make 10 hook holders so that my hooks were nice and cozy rather than smushed together in the plastic bag.

031 032 033


As I began to stitch I thought to myself that this was looking pretty good. I was counting, each row seemed to always 30 stitches, yet my hook holders were not looking even and I could not figure out why. Rather than start over, I decided to keep moving on. I finished one side of the pouch and I was just not satisfied with the fact that all five of my holders were not even to each other.

039I realized that every time I chained two, to turn for the next row I was starting in the wrong stitch each time, so my counting was wrong and each pocket for the hooks was a different size because I was inconsistent with where I started each row. It looked so messy and uneven that I hate to admit that I gave up with this project. I felt that I had gone too far to start over with this project and I did not want to continue on with my uneven rows.

This project emphasized that I still need to work on my gauge, my stitch counting, and knowing where to start each row when it comes to doing new stitches in each row. So for now, this is what I ended up with, some day I will give it a go again, but for right now, I am satisfied with my hooks remaining in their plastic bag.


A New Spin On A Headband

So I decided to try something crazy this weekend and actually follow a pattern to make a headband. I tried to find one that was not too complicated, but still allowed me to use the new stitches that I had learned from my previous blog post. I found a pattern that looked similar to the first headband I made, but it used the half double stitch in a unique way. Everything circular that I have made up until this point, was just made linearly and then I attached the two ends together and turned the piece inside out so you could not see the seam showing. However, with this headband pattern it wanted you to stitch in a round. So instead of having to chain one at the end of each row I just continued on with what I was doing.

I found two things challenging with this piece. The first was keeping track of what row I was on. The pattern had me do 10 rows to build the headband up and I should have been counting with each row, but I would get distracted, lose count, and so I would just estimate what number I was on. The other thing that I found troubling with this piece was attaching the bow piece to the headband. The bow piece was only 12 chains long and 6 rows wide so it was really small and hard to stitch together while still holding the headband in place so that it looked good. That being said, I also really enjoyed following a pattern. It was nice to be able to check off as I stitched and have definite end goal in mind as I worked through the pattern.









Much like my other pieces I had to refer to some extra help to point me in the right direction. I could not quite remember how to do a half-double stitch so I referred back to my blog post of how I created it along with the pictures of Google that I had inserted in there. To finish off my headband I had forgotten what that looked like so I went to my favourite crochet Youtube channel, “The Crochet Guru” and scrolled through her videos until I found how to finish off your piece. I skipped to the near end where she showed what to do and once I seen it, it all came back to me.

I personally think that this headband turned out better than the one I did “free-style”. My next project is going to be a hook pouch, because apparently people don’t think my plastic bag looks professional enough!


Getting Help From G-Money

Just like every Sunday since the year I was born I found myself at Grandma’s house playing cribbage, eating amazing food, and hauling my bag full of homework just to let it sit by the couch the whole day. But this Sunday something different happened, I actually opened up my bag and did some homework, my learning project! I’ve said before that my grandma used to crochet quite a bit and so I thought she could help me with my homework this Sunday. I have been wanting to make another headband following a pattern that I found on Pinterest that I really liked, but I have been having trouble doing a half double stitch and double stitch. I watched my go to crocheter on how to do both on Youtube, but mine still looked messy and I was confused. The videos did the stitching slow enough, but I am a hands on learner so I really struggled with someone not demonstrating and talking me through my work. I then Googled how to each stitch and I got a paragraph that outlined how to do each stitch.

11082773_10153286526145530_1191216227_n 11072253_10153286526055530_617352725_nThis made a bit more sense to me, but I still couldn’t get anything that looked half decent to me. I didn’t take pictures of my progress because, well, there was not progress and my work literally looked like a ball of nothing. So that is where my grandma came in. I asked if she remembered how to do each stitch and with a little prompting from Google and working with the yarn and hook herself, my grandma started stitching like a pro! I watched how she worked with the yarn, she spoke out loud as she worked, and then she passed the yarn and hook over to me and prompted me as I made each stitch. By having someone watch me as I worked and correcting me if I was not going in the right path, I found that I learned a lot more quickly and my ball of nothing turned into a semi-good looking pattern.

I decided to make a couple of videos of me working to prove that it is actually me doing the stitching and that I am trying my best to learn as many different stitches as I can. I made two videos, one of the half double crochet stitch and one of the double crochet stitch.

If you have any other suggestions of how to do these two stitches more efficiently or differently feel free to comment. Do you have any suggestions of what stitches I should learn next, let me know. I will post progress pictures of my headband coming soon!

“If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Pin On It”

It has been a while since I blogged about my learning project, but that does not mean I have forgot about it. Actually I have been doing it for at least 2 hours every night while I watch Criminal Minds. I have begun a blanket, but I do not have enough progress (in my opinion) to share just yet. I will, however, share something that has shown a lot of progress… My Pinterest board that I created for my crocheting wish list! I started this board when I started my learning project and it has slowly been growing when I get bored and search up patterns for more time than I’d like to admit. Feel free to take a look at my board for a wide assortment of crocheting patterns and if you have any patterns or tips you think may be useful for a beginning crocheter, send them my way! Stay tuned for my project updates as I have more time to now that midterms are over!

Photo Credit: The Crochet Hooker via Compfight cc

Giving My Learning Away

Well I have completed my third project of my learning project! Much like my scarf, I followed the same pattern in that I only used a chain stitch and a single row stitch. The headband itself did not take me very long to make because it did not need to be that big.

I first made the “body” of the headband by measuring the size of my head and then measuring the same length with my chain stitches (I forgot to take into consideration that the yarn would stretch).I then stitched the two ends together by using the same technique as my scarf. I had to reference back to the “CrochetGuru” to make sure I was doing it properly.From there I wanted to make a what I called a bow (not really a bow, but close enough). To make the bow I simply did the exact same thing as I did for the headband except I made it way smaller.From there I attached the two together and bam! I completed my first headband!Unfortunately, like I said up top is that I did not take into account the stretch of the yarn, so the headband was too big for my head…But it fit Miss Hillary Strain, so I gave it her!

Well that’s all for now! If you have any other great headband patterns out there for me let me know!


Keeping Warm with Learning

I’ve done it! I’ve completed what I like to call my first “big” project. This scarf started out as just being an infinity scarf without having to wrap it, then I decided that I wanted to wrap it around my neck once. I didn’t count how many chains I started with and I didn’t measure anything, so the scarf in turn turned out to be super long and I had wrap it around my neck three times.

The stitch I used was still just the basic single stitch, I like how it looks and it is a good one to make a scarf that is tight enough that it won’t have holes for the wind to blow through. I used a 9 mm hook, simply because I wanted to see how it looks. I am really enjoying experimenting right now with hook size, yarn type, and tension. For this scarf I didn’t follow a pattern, I just crocheted until I thought the scarf looked complete.

The way in which I documented my progress for this particular project was trying to take pictures in the same area and placed in the same manner. I like watching videos that speed by quickly so you can see progress in a quick way. I asked the Google community what a good tool to use for what I was thinking, I unfortunately only got one response, but then one of my classmates suggested that I use Movie Maker so that’s what I did. Below is my progress through a series of pictures (each time I completed a row I took a picture).

Once I finished my scarf I decided to post a picture of me wearing it and tweet it out, not thinking anyone would care. Suddenly I got a flow of notifications of people favoring and responding to my photo. I got quite excited that people not only liked it, but now want me to make them one! I also showed my grandma (the one who used to love crocheting) my scarf and she could not believe that this was only my second project and was proud at how it turned out.




I am hoping do make more scarfs, but using different stitches. Does anybody have any suggestions about what patterns to use, best type of yarn for scarves, simple stitches for beginners? Let me know!