About Me!


Hey everyone! My name is Courtney Adams, I’m from a small town called Broadview (about an hour and a half east of the city). I am currently in my last year of university majoring in Math and minoring in English. I come from a very close family and they have helped shape me into the person I am today. My dad is a carpenter, my mom was a math teacher, my brother works at the Esterhazy mine, and my sister in-law is a kindergarten teacher. And the most exciting thing that has happened to me is I became an auntie a year ago to the cutest nephew in the world!

Some of my interests include:

  1. Volleyball; I play on a ladies volleyball team in my hometown, we are the Flamingals!
  2. Hockey; from November to March I am usually found in the hockey rink cheering on the Whitewood Orioles and supporting my dad and brother as I watch them coach and play.
  3. Cross Stitching; I often get made of fun of for this particular interest because it is apparently granny-like, but I enjoy sitting on the couch with Netflix on and making Christmas stockings for my friends!

When I first entered the education program I thought all professors were crazy when they said I could use technology in a math classroom…. Boy was I wrong! For the past four years I have seen how it only enhances my math lessons. Though I am still new at it, I find that I am increasingly becoming more of an advocate for using it within the classroom. Though my bag tricks seem to be minimal, I am hoping with more experience it will become as full as Santa’s sac on Christmas.


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