Cozy Hooks

I was fortunate enough to get all of my grandma’s hooks from her, but in doing so I was given them in a plastic bag. Now I’m not complaining, I was grateful to get the hooks, but some people thought that that was not an appropriate way to carry my hooks around. So once again I headed to Pinterest  and found a pattern for a crochet hook holder that I thought would work for me using the stitches I recently learned to help me.

This pattern seemed somewhat simple to me, I just had to focus on my counting and make sure I was doing the appropriate amount of stitches for each row (easier said than done). The end goal I had in mind was to make 10 hook holders so that my hooks were nice and cozy rather than smushed together in the plastic bag.

031 032 033


As I began to stitch I thought to myself that this was looking pretty good. I was counting, each row seemed to always 30 stitches, yet my hook holders were not looking even and I could not figure out why. Rather than start over, I decided to keep moving on. I finished one side of the pouch and I was just not satisfied with the fact that all five of my holders were not even to each other.

039I realized that every time I chained two, to turn for the next row I was starting in the wrong stitch each time, so my counting was wrong and each pocket for the hooks was a different size because I was inconsistent with where I started each row. It looked so messy and uneven that I hate to admit that I gave up with this project. I felt that I had gone too far to start over with this project and I did not want to continue on with my uneven rows.

This project emphasized that I still need to work on my gauge, my stitch counting, and knowing where to start each row when it comes to doing new stitches in each row. So for now, this is what I ended up with, some day I will give it a go again, but for right now, I am satisfied with my hooks remaining in their plastic bag.



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