A New Spin On A Headband

So I decided to try something crazy this weekend and actually follow a pattern to make a headband. I tried to find one that was not too complicated, but still allowed me to use the new stitches that I had learned from my previous blog post. I found a pattern that looked similar to the first headband I made, but it used the half double stitch in a unique way. Everything circular that I have made up until this point, was just made linearly and then I attached the two ends together and turned the piece inside out so you could not see the seam showing. However, with this headband pattern it wanted you to stitch in a round. So instead of having to chain one at the end of each row I just continued on with what I was doing.

I found two things challenging with this piece. The first was keeping track of what row I was on. The pattern had me do 10 rows to build the headband up and I should have been counting with each row, but I would get distracted, lose count, and so I would just estimate what number I was on. The other thing that I found troubling with this piece was attaching the bow piece to the headband. The bow piece was only 12 chains long and 6 rows wide so it was really small and hard to stitch together while still holding the headband in place so that it looked good. That being said, I also really enjoyed following a pattern. It was nice to be able to check off as I stitched and have definite end goal in mind as I worked through the pattern.









Much like my other pieces I had to refer to some extra help to point me in the right direction. I could not quite remember how to do a half-double stitch so I referred back to my blog post of how I created it along with the pictures of Google that I had inserted in there. To finish off my headband I had forgotten what that looked like so I went to my favourite crochet Youtube channel, “The Crochet Guru” and scrolled through her videos until I found how to finish off your piece. I skipped to the near end where she showed what to do and once I seen it, it all came back to me.

I personally think that this headband turned out better than the one I did “free-style”. My next project is going to be a hook pouch, because apparently people don’t think my plastic bag looks professional enough!



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