Learning From Scratch

A couple of weeks ago Alec introduced us to a website called Scratch which allows students to use codes without realizing that they are using codes. Now I am no expert on codes but from what I understand it is involved in pretty much anything to do with technology (correct me if I’m wrong). I found this site quite confusing to be honest. I started with my little cat (a.k.a. my sprite) and started playing around with the movements and sounds of what my cat could do. I pulled down some movements and sounds and he did not do a whole lot but turn in a small circle and meow a lot. I decided to ditch my cat and try my luck out on a ballerina dancing in her bedroom. I gave her all these cool motions, I wanted her to jump from her bed to floor, say hello, and move around a bit.


Instead, I ended up with this. It’s not very exciting, but it took me quite a while to even get this far. I could see how this would be fun to use in a classroom. Students can learn how one click of a button can lead to a series of motions and noise and essentially come up with a game without necessarily realizing what they are actually doing. I’d be interested to know how you could incorporate this type of website into a mathematics classroom. Please comment and share your thoughts on this. I’ll keep trying my luck with this website and hopefully my “Flying Ballerina” will be able to do more tricks.


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