Getting Help From G-Money

Just like every Sunday since the year I was born I found myself at Grandma’s house playing cribbage, eating amazing food, and hauling my bag full of homework just to let it sit by the couch the whole day. But this Sunday something different happened, I actually opened up my bag and did some homework, my learning project! I’ve said before that my grandma used to crochet quite a bit and so I thought she could help me with my homework this Sunday. I have been wanting to make another headband following a pattern that I found on Pinterest that I really liked, but I have been having trouble doing a half double stitch and double stitch. I watched my go to crocheter on how to do both on Youtube, but mine still looked messy and I was confused. The videos did the stitching slow enough, but I am a hands on learner so I really struggled with someone not demonstrating and talking me through my work. I then Googled how to each stitch and I got a paragraph that outlined how to do each stitch.

11082773_10153286526145530_1191216227_n 11072253_10153286526055530_617352725_nThis made a bit more sense to me, but I still couldn’t get anything that looked half decent to me. I didn’t take pictures of my progress because, well, there was not progress and my work literally looked like a ball of nothing. So that is where my grandma came in. I asked if she remembered how to do each stitch and with a little prompting from Google and working with the yarn and hook herself, my grandma started stitching like a pro! I watched how she worked with the yarn, she spoke out loud as she worked, and then she passed the yarn and hook over to me and prompted me as I made each stitch. By having someone watch me as I worked and correcting me if I was not going in the right path, I found that I learned a lot more quickly and my ball of nothing turned into a semi-good looking pattern.

I decided to make a couple of videos of me working to prove that it is actually me doing the stitching and that I am trying my best to learn as many different stitches as I can. I made two videos, one of the half double crochet stitch and one of the double crochet stitch.

If you have any other suggestions of how to do these two stitches more efficiently or differently feel free to comment. Do you have any suggestions of what stitches I should learn next, let me know. I will post progress pictures of my headband coming soon!


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