I first heard about #saskedchat‘s through my cousin who is taking her Masters course and had to extend her personal learning network through Twitter. When she told me about it, I thought it sounded like a terrible idea, I could not think of a reason why I would want to follow teachers from all over the world or have them follow me, what I could offer them. Thankfully I was completely wrong!

So far I have participated in two #saskedchat‘s, one during their regular Thursday nights and one during my Tuesday night class where they had a special meeting for my ECMP 455 class and another University of Regina class. During these two chats I had an amazing time connecting with so many teachers (most of whom I started to follow and they followed me)! Suddenly I went from maybe 80 followers to over 100 in only two nights. But I was not just excited that I gained followers, these followers actually cared what I had to say as an educator, even though I have no experience in my own classroom. I was getting meaningful responses from so many people that I did not know but were so gracious in sharing their knowledge.

tweeter tweeter_2











Though I found it hard to keep up throughout the full hour, I used TweetDeck to keep “real” time of what was being said and for the most part I could keep up with the conversations being had that involved me.

I hope to participate in #saskedchat’s as I continue to grow as an educator. I found that the insight I got from new teachers, experienced teachers, math teachers, etc. was extremely helpful and proved further that I am in the right career!


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