Giving My Learning Away

Well I have completed my third project of my learning project! Much like my scarf, I followed the same pattern in that I only used a chain stitch and a single row stitch. The headband itself did not take me very long to make because it did not need to be that big.

I first made the “body” of the headband by measuring the size of my head and then measuring the same length with my chain stitches (I forgot to take into consideration that the yarn would stretch).I then stitched the two ends together by using the same technique as my scarf. I had to reference back to the “CrochetGuru” to make sure I was doing it properly.From there I wanted to make a what I called a bow (not really a bow, but close enough). To make the bow I simply did the exact same thing as I did for the headband except I made it way smaller.From there I attached the two together and bam! I completed my first headband!Unfortunately, like I said up top is that I did not take into account the stretch of the yarn, so the headband was too big for my head…But it fit Miss Hillary Strain, so I gave it her!

Well that’s all for now! If you have any other great headband patterns out there for me let me know!



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