Keeping Warm with Learning

I’ve done it! I’ve completed what I like to call my first “big” project. This scarf started out as just being an infinity scarf without having to wrap it, then I decided that I wanted to wrap it around my neck once. I didn’t count how many chains I started with and I didn’t measure anything, so the scarf in turn turned out to be super long and I had wrap it around my neck three times.

The stitch I used was still just the basic single stitch, I like how it looks and it is a good one to make a scarf that is tight enough that it won’t have holes for the wind to blow through. I used a 9 mm hook, simply because I wanted to see how it looks. I am really enjoying experimenting right now with hook size, yarn type, and tension. For this scarf I didn’t follow a pattern, I just crocheted until I thought the scarf looked complete.

The way in which I documented my progress for this particular project was trying to take pictures in the same area and placed in the same manner. I like watching videos that speed by quickly so you can see progress in a quick way. I asked the Google community what a good tool to use for what I was thinking, I unfortunately only got one response, but then one of my classmates suggested that I use Movie Maker so that’s what I did. Below is my progress through a series of pictures (each time I completed a row I took a picture).

Once I finished my scarf I decided to post a picture of me wearing it and tweet it out, not thinking anyone would care. Suddenly I got a flow of notifications of people favoring and responding to my photo. I got quite excited that people not only liked it, but now want me to make them one! I also showed my grandma (the one who used to love crocheting) my scarf and she could not believe that this was only my second project and was proud at how it turned out.




I am hoping do make more scarfs, but using different stitches. Does anybody have any suggestions about what patterns to use, best type of yarn for scarves, simple stitches for beginners? Let me know!




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