Changes of Technology in My Life

Lately it has come to my attention just how much technology has become apparent in our everyday lives. It was on my way to a hockey game this weekend that I noticed my dad’s phone sitting right next to him on our drive up and as soon as the birds chirped (his ringtone) he was looking at who just texted him, he then would quickly reply. This came to my surprise since all the times before someone texted my dad I had to text for him, simply because I was quicker. This may seem like a minor change to most people, but to me this really opened my eyes to just how much technology is showing up in my life. My dad used to be someone who did not enjoy texting — he just got unlimited texting this year— and now watching him do it just as quickly as I would shocked me. I can remember teaching him how to T-9 text a few years ago and now most people don’t even know what T-9 means. I am extremely grateful to be able to grow up in this generation and have all these amazing tools at the end of my fingertips, but I am scared of what the future will hold and advanced our technology will grow. Does anyone else feel the same as me? Do you think this continuous advance in technology will someday replace us as teachers? These are all the things that scare me as a new teacher!

Photo Credit: Ninja M. via Compfight cc


One thought on “Changes of Technology in My Life

  1. You are not alone in thinking that! I too have noticed changes like this in my life. My dad got upgraded from an old flip phone to an iPhone within the last year and his texting abilities have pretty much blown me away. It’s so weird to see these technology advancements and how they effect other people. My biggest fear is also that tech will somehow replace teachers. I personally wanted to be a teacher because of my experiences in school with my teachers, and it scares me to think that things are going to be much different once I finally get in front of a classroom.

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