A Bit of an Update!

Since I’ve last posted I’ve completed my dish cloth! Once I started crocheting it did not take me long to get it big enough for what I wanted. Even though it is not perfectly square, it should do it’s job. To make the dish cloth I mostly used what my auntie taught me, but to finish it off I had to Youtube how to finish it. I found a great person to subscribe to! She’s called the Crochet Guru and she’s great at showing how to crochet different stitches and how to end projects. I used her instructions to end my dish cloth and here is the finished project:



I’ve found some patterns online that I want to do, but I’m really struggling with how to do a double-half stitch. I’ve watched the Crotchet Guru’s tutorial, but mine looks messy, so I have had to keep on redoing it. Unfortunately I have nothing to show for it because I kept taking it apart. If anyone has somewhere else to look for a way to learn new stitches I’d appreciate the help.

That’s all for now, I am working on a scarf that is almost done using just the single stitch, I am hoping to show my progress through a series of pictures, but also need help finding an appropriate tool!



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