Technology in our everyday lives

Last week we had a presentation by Alec Couros: “Living in the Digital Age” (I have actually seen his presentation similar to this before, with a few minor tweaks), but even watching it again there are always things that Alec brings up that are new to me. There are two things that stood out to me: 1) If someone were to Google my name what would come up and 2) how schools can create a digital identity.

When Alec said to Google ourselves I knew right away that you would not find me on the front page because there are a lot Courtney Adams’ in the world (I know three besides me). But after I started to think about it, I asked myself if I wanted to be on the front page. To me, being on the front page is not a good thing, that means that you’re out there and people can easily asked you. I am a pretty private person and I feel as though if people can view what I have on the internet then they should know me pretty closely. However, Alec brought up a good point in that sometimes you want a digital footprint so that people can find you easily. For example, my blog that I made for school purposes should probably be easy to access because once I get it up and running I want people to be able to find it easily, I’ll have put a lot of work into it. So my question is, how do I get my name on that front page? How do I become a known “Courtney Adams“?

I found it extremely interesting when Alec brought up the fact that some schools use lip dubs as a form of digital identity for them. When I was in grade 12 my cousin was my drama teacher and so she wanted to play around with some technology for her class, she decided making a school-wide lip dub would be an excellent way to get the elementary and high school ends to collaborate together. Now this video hasn’t made our school famous, but it was extremely fun to make, a bit embarrassing to watch, but my students during internship were able to find it! They still make fun of my dance moves, but it was sort of interesting to know that students 4 years younger than me were able to find this video and think it’s awesome— they wanted to make one with me, but I did not have time!

Anyways, here are the two videos that my school made, one with me and one without, feel free to giggle at my terrible hair choice!!


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