Technology Overload

For not being a techy person, I sure seem to know a lot of websites that can be quite useful as an educator. But if I’m being honest, I haven’t taken the time to really sit down and explore these websites. Why? I feel as though I still need to get my feet under me when it comes to the curriculum and differentiated instruction before I can reach out on all these websites. I am not saying that these tools would not help me feel comfortable, but I just feel as though I am so unfamiliar with things involving technology that it takes me quite a while to get the basics down. So for right now I feel as though Twitter and Inoreader are going to be what I will focus my attention on. I am hoping that as time progresses I will add to this list with great confidence in whatever I find, but for right now, I am okay with just these two.

Twitter used to be a site where I followed magazines, my friends, and any t.v. show that interested me at the time. However, after class last Tuesday I found that there is a way easier way to follow hashtags that pertain to education! Tweetdeck has helped me organize two hashtags that I think will become extremely useful in my education career: #mathchat #edchat. I still need to do some more exploring with Twitter and find out what other neat things are there, but this is a start for me!



Now with Inoreader, I still have a lot of work to do on it. I think this website is extremely beneficial in helping you keep up with blogs. I used to find it annoying to have to scroll through everyone’s blogs to see what they posted, but this is a nice way to keep on top of it without wasting time scrolling around. So far I have only started following the ECMP 455 blogs and this is simply because I want to catch up on everyone’s posts before I dive to heavily into other blogs. But within the week I would like to have gathered up some other useful classroom blogs that will help me on my journey to becoming a teacher!



I know this does not seem like I have really branched out, but for me, this a step that has taken me a lot further than where I was last week. With me, technology needs to come in small doses otherwise I feel overwhelmed and shut down to the idea… So my goal for the week is to subscribe to one new blog a day and follow two new people on Twitter, by doing this I will make small amounts of progress to help expand my personal learning network.


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