Frustration Turned to Progress

For my learning project I’ve decided to take up crocheting! My grandma used to crochet a lot and I seen all the amazing things she could make with just a small hook and a lot of thread. I recently became more interested in it when I seen my cousin making headbands and scarfs for herself, and being the poor student that I am, I figured this would be an excellent way to save money, learn something new, and give me a reason to take my nose out of a textbook for a few hours each day. I started this project thinking it would be a walk in the park for me (but still new) because I already cross stitched quite frequently and I know how to knit… WRONG!!! I started out my project with a small instruction manual on how to make a chain stitch and a single row stitch. The chain stitch was so easy I flew threw it (multiple times).

IMG_0898            <——————–Beautiful, but not perfect!

But then came the single row stitch. I have never been so frustrated before because something did not come easy to me. I was ready to give up and the only thing that was keeping me going was the fact that I had no idea what else I would do for this learning project. I tried multiple times to try and figure out this stitch and yet nothing was being produced, until my auntie came home and mentioned that she used to crochet quite a bit. By watching her for a couple of stitches I was able to understand more clearly what that little instruction manual was trying to teach me. As more time progressed — I think I spent about 6 hours (which accumulates to about half a season of Friends on Netflix)— I finally started to see some progress.


When I started practicing I had no end goal in mind with what I’m working on now, but after looking at it, I’ll probably use it as a dish rag once it’s large enough.


I am hoping by the end of this I will have at least started to make a headband, but I want to push to have two complete, I’d like to try to make an infinity scarf, and I want to have a good start on a blanket, however, I do know that a blanket will take quite some time. My auntie has decided that she will take up crocheting once again so I think she will be my main resource on how to start and finish projects, although I will use the internet as much as I can to get techniques and patterns that will help me along the way.


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