“Look Mom, I’m a real teacher!”

As another week has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye, I can’t help but feel exhausted and excited all at the same time. I did not think that teaching one class every day and picking up the odd one most days would be so tiresome. But here I am, on a Sunday afternoon with a stack of marking next to me waiting to be completed. This week once again kept me busy with planning for my grade 10 Foundations and Pre-Calculus class that I had last week and trying to keep caught up on all the other little assignments I still have to do for some of my university classes.

This week I found that students became more comfortable with me being in their classroom and were starting to open up to me and more willing to share their solutions and do examples on the board. I found that as the week progressed and I got to know their personalities a bit more, I could start to assess their understanding even further because they were willing to let me sit down one-on-one with them and answer their individual questions. I used the same strategies as I did last week when formatively assessing them. I’d consistently ask them as a class if they understood the material, if not where were they stuck and then I would try to re-explain the example. This was just a quick way for me to gauge where I needed to spend more time on in the lesson.

As for summative assessment this week, my partner and I had to create the unit 4 review and unit 4 test as we had finished off the unit. It was nice once again that our cooperating teacher let us do this on our own so that we could get a feel of what it will be like when we have our own classrooms. We decided that it would be best to make the review and the test exactly in the same format, only changing the questions. We didn’t want to surprise the students when it came to the test, so we were very explicit in telling them that the test will pretty much mirror what the review was. Not long ago we realized that we were in their same position and knew that we got anxious when it came to tests because most of the time the teachers threw some wild question on the test that we were not prepared for, we did not want to do this for our students. I have started to mark the tests today and just like the quiz I am finding it a lot harder to mark than I thought it would be. Giving part marks for certain questions is good, but to consistently do it for all students can be kind of tricky at times.

Because the test is now my second piece of summative assessment for my students, my cooperating teacher gave me a sort of paper copy of a grade book that I could keep for the three weeks and record all my marks on it. This week she also allowed me to look at her computer grade book because I had to input all the marks from the quiz I had the students do. It was neat to see that she relied heavily on both her computer grade book and her paper one because she felt that it was a good idea to have two copies of marks, that way if there was ever a discrepancy she had to pieces of evidence to look upon.

I have attached below my lessons for the week, the handouts I gave students, and the unit 4 test.

4.6 lesson plan

4.6 part 2 lesson plan

4.6 Applying Exponent Laws worksheets

Chapter 4 Test



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