Goodbye Grade 10s…

It is hard to believe that my 3 week internship has already come to an end. I had such an amazing time teaching the grade 10s for the past 3 weeks and have learned so much about myself as teacher. My cooperating teacher was excellent in sharing resources with me, allowing me to create my own forms of assessment on my own, and giving me meaningful feedback after each lesson.

To sum up this week, I started teaching the students Chapter 5 and was able to cover a section a day. My cooperating teacher wanted me to do an assessment of what the students learned with me over the course of the week, so this time I chose to give them an open book assignment. The assignment itself was easy to create, as I just took extension questions from the textbook. The students seem to have caught on quickly to this chapter so the assignment did not take them very long to write, however, something that I wish I had done better is managed the students who were done early a lot better. The class seemed to get quite wild as more students finished up the assignment and I should have had some little activity planned so that they did not disrupt the rest of their classmates. I also gave the students a homework check on the first three sections that we did in unit 5, just to make sure that they were actually doing the work and not just guessing on the assignment. I gave this homework check to them on Friday (the same day I had them do the hand-in assignment), but I should have gave it to them a day earlier so that they could have made sure that they did the right questions and understood what was going to be on the assignment.

My cooperating teacher had me mark these assignments and then drop them off at her house, as well as any other resources I had borrowed from her. It was sort of a bittersweet day for me, as I was exhausted from this experience, but also sad that it was already over. I had such a great experience in her classroom and learned so much about assessment. It was great that she allowed me to do one summative assessment per week and then helped guide me to become even better at formatively assessing students. I am sure going to miss that grade 10 class!

Attached below are my lesson plans for the week, the handouts I gave the students, the homework check template I used, and the 5.1-5.3, 5.5 Hand in Assignment.

5.1 Lesson Plan

5.2 lesson plan

5.2 Handout

5.3 lesson paln

5.3 handout

5.5 lesson plan

5.5 handout



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