On Campus Research Experience

Unfortunately I had to miss Thursday’s class, but it was well worth the experience. I was disappointed that I missed a guest speaker, however, I was busy working on growing as a professional. O.C.R.E. or On Campus Research Experience, allowed my fellow mathematics major and myself to become closer as a group and to grow as professionals. O.C.R.E ran for two days where we invited 5 guest speakers, they included: a high school principal, a high school mathematics teacher, a university professor who specialized in connecting First Nation’s content into mathematics, 3 city police officers, and an elementary teacher from England. Each guest speaker broadened my perspectives of teaching, some speakers allowed me to see education in a different light. For me they painted a picture of reality, it is different to hear about how to teach through lectures and textbooks, and more engaging to hear first hand of how teaching may actually be based on someone’s experience. O.C.R.E also consisted of some team bonding where we did fun activities like glow bowling and trampoline dodgeball. This experience brought our group closer together and I can already see how our group dynamic has changed within our classes. We are more group oriented and are already talking about doing more¬†activities as a group. Ultimately O.C.R.E. showed me how important it is to not only grow as a professional throughout my career, but also grow with my colleagues!


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