Class #2

Today’s class we focused on assessment FOR learning, assessment AS learning, and assessment OF learning. These three concepts were new to me as I thought there was only assessment and that was simply making notes of my students progress and providing feedback. However, what I learned tonight was that assessment FOR and AS deal more with the formative assessment and making sure that as much feedback is provided for students, basically assessment FOR and AS is more student focus. Assessment OF learning is more summative assessment, has a grade attached to it and is teacher focused. I found it extremely helpful to know these three types of assessment so that I know which ones are more important to focus on — FOR and AS. We also discussed whether or not you could have too much assessment or too much evaluation. This discussion was useful to me because I had been wondering about that exact question since last semester. The answer — you can never have too much assessment, but you can evaluate too much of students’ work before they have fully understood what you are wanting them to know.

Another component of the class that stood out to me was when we discussed Intervention First. I had never heard about this concept before until this class and I cannot believe that I had not. Intervention First is going to help me as teacher provide support for my students and allows me to know what kind of support they need and whether or not I can provide it or if I knew some other forms of support to meet their needs. It was also good to know that it is not a program, but simply a process to help students learn. Knowing where my students are when it comes to the three tiers can only benefit myself as a teacher and my students as learners. It was interesting to know that 80-90% of students are at tier one, 5-10% are at tier two, and 1-5% are at tier three. I’m hoping that we go more in depth with Intervention First so that I can learn more about the different supports that are needed when I have students at the tier 2 and 3 levels. The Regina Public School has some basic information on their website that gave me a bit more clarity of what exactly this process is, as I think starting with the basics is where I need to be. I’m looking forward to the next time in class we can discuss it.


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