Class #1

Thursday’s class seemed to go by extremely fast! Getting to know my fellow classmates was interesting because there were many that I have never seen before and it was entertaining to hear what people came up with to their “I know that…” The class was also not just strictly lecture like most of our ECS classes turn out to be, which made it quite different than what I was expecting. I really enjoyed that Tracy had us all involved throughout the class, she even sat down amongst us and sort of blended in. I seen this as a way to show us that she did not feel as though she was above us because she is the professor, but came down to our “level” and let us do a lot of the sharing. I’m interested to see what the other classes will be like because so far in my university career I have heard the terms assessment and evaluation a lot, but no one has taken the time to really sit down and discuss it with the classes. It will be interesting to see what a full semester of assessment and evaluation will look like, I am thinking it is going to be jammed full of information— but extremely useful information!


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