Mathematics Autobiography

My love for mathematics started the summer going into grade 5. Sitting at a restaurant waiting for our meals, my mom decided it was time to show me how to solve for x. As I sat there figuring out the best way to do so I realized then that I needed to do something in my life that allowed me to continue to work with this great subject.

Grade 5 specifically showed me why everyone needs to have mathematics in their lives. My teacher’s assistant created a club called “The Math Wizards” and every time I was finished my work early she would give me real world problems to solve in the context of mathematics. These particular activities were to be done on my own time and each time I would complete 10 activities I would move up a level. I eventually became a “Math Master”, but what I really took from these extra activities was that mathematics was all around me, whether I noticed it or not. I was able to apply what I was learning not only in class, but also with these math activities to see that I used mathematics every day whether I liked it or not.

It was by finding my own love for mathematics and seeing that there was more to it than just writing notes from the board and doing 1-20 odd that I realized I want to be able to show my future students how useful mathematics is and that it is necessary to have in their lives. I believe that mathematics should be taught every day that students are in school, it should not be left for every second day or three times a week. However, I do not believe that how I was taught was necessarily the right way as I did have some struggles with University mathematics. I want to prepare my students for the future and that means that they will have to study for tests, they will have to learn how to memorize formulas, and they will have to work hard. I only see this as helping them become the best students they can be. Aside from helping them prepare for the future, I also believe it is necessary to have fun with mathematics, without it students will put up their wall and not want anything to do with mathematics which is what I want to avoid completely.


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