Definition of Curriculum

I don’t honestly know if my definition of curriculum has changed from the one that we made in class, however, I do think that I have seen more parts of it clearly. Before I had just seen curriculum as the document set by the Ministry of Education that all teachers seemed to dread and always seemed to be rushing to complete it. But as I look at the smaller print of our definition, I am now seeing it more clearly. I see that culture does matter, the hidden curriculum is just as important as the formal curriculum, and it can be adapted to fit the needs of all learners. I think as I continue to grow as teacher and accumulate more experience in the field, my definition of curriculum will constantly change as the years pass on.

Learning through crisis isn’t in my definition and I don’t think it will be until I experience it in my own classroom. It is easy for me to say that I’ll know exactly what to do when a type of crisis comes up in my classroom. Once my own experiences help to continually shape my idea and definition of curriculum, I believe I will have a better understanding of what learning through crisis actually means. It’s easy to read it in a book and think I know what it means, but I know I actually don’t.


2 thoughts on “Definition of Curriculum

  1. Well said! I completely agree that we need first hand experience to really engage and understand what these classes are really trying to teach us. All we can do is hope that we have learned enough to know where to look for guidance when we encounter a learning through crisis situation!

  2. Does the prospect of your first “teaching through crisis” experience intimidate you? It’s true that so far we have only really experienced them vicariously. For me, I worry that I won’t be able to properly handle a crisis moment and that the opportunity will be lost. But, like you, I think that will come in time. What do you think?

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