Personally I think that there is a time and a place for technology and the classroom is not always the best place for it, unless it used appropriately. A negative way that technology is being used within the classroom is when it comes to cyber bullying and the way in which students are using this technology to their advantage to pick on students without having to face them. This is becoming more and more prominent as technology continues to grow. However, technology also has huge benefits to it. It allows students to access information in seconds, information that they may not have known without technology. Students also have the chance to learn in a whole new way, one that we may have not had the opportunity to do when we went to school. This means that as teachers, we need to be familiar with new technology and the benefits and drawbacks of each one, so that we can monitor our students and make sure that they are getting full benefits from the technology and not just using it as a way to bully others and distract themselves from classwork.


2 thoughts on “response

  1. I definitely agree. We can’t simply allow technology to run rampant as it is definitely, as one of our colleagues referred to it, a “double edged sword.” And in teaching students how to properly use technology, they can get the most out of the particular topic being taught and also technological ability.

    • In my previous experience, I have had teachers throw the technology out there and expect us to know how to use it effectively. As future teachers, we should only use technology if we see it aiding in our lesson. We shouldn’t model a lesson around a piece of technology. It should be the other way around.

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