Looking at my Autobiography

Looking back on my autobiography it is clear that I did not associate my wanting to be a teacher to being white, or female, or heterosexual. Do I think I should have, not necessarily, but I think now looking back on what I wrote I should have at least acknowledged how privileged I actually am. Though I grew up in a community different from my classmates, I still grew up quite privileged without taking the time to actually realize it. The fact that I am white and don’t have to worry about people following me in a store because they think I’m going to shop lift is only one of the many ways I am privileged everyday because of my race. I suppose saying that these factors don’t make me who I am is saying more about me than I thought. Something that resonated with me after today’s seminar was the fact that being a female I have a 1/3 chance of being sexually assaulted. That is extremely powerful and extremely frightening. I never felt that being female was supposed to be sort of scary because of the things that happen, but when I do think about it there have been times when I have felt uncomfortable walking down the street in a dress because guys are whistling and saying extremely inappropriate things to me. I have been aware that being heterosexual has privileged me, but I did not think it made me who I am. I do know that when people would joke that I’m a lesbian because I hadn’t had a boyfriend a while I would get offended. Not because I don’t think being a lesbian is right, but because I have seen the discrimination that goes along with not being heterosexual. I’m glad that I did not right about these three things in my autobiography because I wrote about what I felt was the most important things that brought me to where I am today, however, acknowledging these three things allowed me now to take notice of exactly how privileged I am for being white and heterosexual. Now that these things have been brought to my attention I find that I am starting to be more aware of them, which I’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.


One thought on “Looking at my Autobiography

  1. Props to you on realizing that we need to acknowledge our privilege. We may think our life may be hard, but in being of the majority groups that we tend to be, we avoid a lot more hardships. This no-doubt will have an effect, and it’s great that we finally are learning to realize that.

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