Chapter 2 of Kumashiro

Based on my experience in school and what Kumashiro hints at, a good student according to commonsense is someone who listens during lectures, does assignments properly, interacts with peers in a respectable manner, and who has proper classroom behaviour. Students who are good listeners and follow instructions carefully are privileged when it comes to who is a good student and who is not, but students who like to learn in a different manner are often left out and seen as misbehaving.

When Kumashiro talks about learning through crisis he talks about how this type of learning can make students feel uncomfortable. They have to work through their feelings and emotions in order to solve a problem, which may be different than what they are used to. Learning through crisis means learning to break through oppressive learning and come up with different ways to solve problems than what students are used to. I think that I would deal with this type of learning in a subtle way. If students were having problems doing a project the way that I explained it to them, I would allow them the opportunity to work through their frustrations and do the project in a way that they feel will help them get the most out of the assignment. As a teacher I need to be willing to step outside of my comfort zone when teaching if I want my students to step out of their comfort zones to learn. I believe that students and teachers both need to be adaptable in order to get the most out of their education.


One thought on “Chapter 2 of Kumashiro

  1. I liked your response to how you would you address this in a classroom. I also think it is important that students are given the opportunity to do an assignment in a way that makes sense to them, because just as you said this is how they can get the most from it. I think that if the students are not interested in the project, and feel they could better represent themselves it is a great idea to give them the opportunity to do so, because it will better meet their different learning needs, as well as meeting your criteria 🙂

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