Assignment #2 Part 2


As soon as I read ‘The Brown Kids Can’t Be in Our Club’ the photo of the hands immediately came to my mind. I had seen it before without an explanation but for some reason it came to my mind when I had finished reading the story. The picture of the hands is to represent the fact that not all students are the same, there are many different colours in a classroom and these colours should always be recognized like the article stated. The connection that I feel is most important with this photo and the article is that students should be recognized for their individual colours no matter what it is. It may seem as though only a select few colours feel like they should be ashamed, like the black student was in the article. However, I think it is safe to say that all students have felt ashamed at one point in their life based on their skin tone, whether they are black, white, red, or yellow. The picture of the world with the word Learning on it, is to signify that no matter what colour a student is, they are all in school to learn. Whether it is to do with learning about a subject, class, or even about themselves, each student goes to school to learn. The students in the article learned a lot about themselves based on how the teacher went about explaining that skin colour is something to be proud about. Every student is striving to learn at school and together I feel as though these pictures are complete as one in depicting the article and its main message about including everyone no matter the colour of their skin.


2 thoughts on “Assignment #2 Part 2

  1. Lots of ways to engage the image you created. It almost feels like a competition, all the hands clamouring for the ball… While i agree that the picture represents all hands, many different colour, I am wondering about what is made possible and impossible when you say that everyone has been ashamed of their skin colour. Clearly, you’ve written about what it makes possible… but what might it be harder to say/think because we have chosen to engage with this way of depicting equality? I feel like the experiences of people of colour in particular get lost in this sort of equal positioning. We should be especially careful about the making sure that those voices have a place in our classrooms as they are the most likely to be absent.

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