A History of Education

This piece sort of surprised me in the way race was presented, it seemed as though when it was compared to education it was nothing but positive, but when describing other races it came out quite negatively. When I first read the part about the Chinese race I thought, okay this is sounding quite positive. He says “[t]hey are industrious and economical… They honor their parents, they love their children, and respect those in authority” (10). But suddenly it changes in the blink of an eye and goes on to say “[t]hey are hypocritical and dishonest; and, once in authority, they are apt to become tyrannical, and even cruel” (10). He then goes on to diminish the Chinese education and say how it does not develop growth, but is just to be stored in the memory and that their teachings are narrowed. They have uncomfortable classrooms and the students are punished harshly for their mistakes. I feel as though all these things that were said are stereotypes of what we have all heard about Chinese education and how harsh it can be, but I don’t think they are true, at least not to my knowledge in this century.

Having teachers being taught to think in racial terms is something that sort of disturbs me. We want our to teach our students to be fair and treat everyone with respect, so by teaching educators to think in racial terms is just setting teachers up to fail their students. The effects of this thinking makes teachers hypocrites, it sort of is like do as I say not as I do. So if teachers are telling their students to be fair to one another and then showing racism towards other students is not a good way to help students become better people. I am just thankful that these types of textbooks are no longer part of our teaching courses because they cause us to look at education very narrow mindedly.


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