Common Sense

Kumashiro points out that common sense is routine like, something that everyone is familiar with, used to and should know. We are all comfortable with common sense and sometimes feel out of place when we don’t follow what common sense has taught us. However, it is important that we pay attention to what we see as common sense because Kumashiro does point out that common sense limits what is supposed to be consistent in schools purposes. It limits us in how we teach, how we develop relationships with our students and how we see our school.

I have never realized until now, that common sense is sometimes a negative thing. Until I had to take the time to look at common sense I never realized how much I actually say it myself. The other day I was reading the English curriculum and I kept asking myself  “why do I need to read this, this should be common sense!” I now realize that saying this should not be necessary, it may be what I consider common sense, but someone who is not from where I’m from may not agree that these are common sense things, it may be new to them. It’s good that we start to recognize what we consider common sense is, so that we can move past it and start thinking and acting outside of what we are comfortable with and explore unrecognizable territory.


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