Go Bandits!

Since I’ve been living in the city I’ve found myself driving home every weekend to either watch, play or volunteer with volleyball. This past weekend was a pretty big one in my hometown, we hosted Senior Boys 1A Provincials! The weekend went on with no problems and there was some spectacular volleyball being played! I tried to take lots of pictures but I ran into two problems: 1) My camera has been experiencing some technical difficulties, 2) The games were way too interesting to be watching from the screen of a camera. I managed to snag a few of my best friend hitting and serving, which kind of blows my mind at how high he can jump for only being 5’5.

Unfortunately the Broadview Bandits got last, but they played their hardest and I could not be anymore happier with my hometown team! Bellevue Senior Boys took first, they won the final in the third set and they definitely have a team to be proud of! This weekend was so much fun, I got to catch up with old friends and teachers, while also watching a sport that I quite enjoy!




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