100 Songs to Save Your Life… <3

It has been said that music can heal the soul and I believe in that 100%. Throughout the last 18 years of my life music has always been there each step of the way, from listening to The Little Mermaid soundtrack while I played Barbies, to looking for the right lyrics to make a bad day better. Recently I was listening to a podcast and the man that was talking said something that I thought was a great idea! He said to make a playlist of your favourite songs onto your Ipod and use it when you’re having a rough day or when you just need to listen to some good music. So that’s what I encourage you all to do, take the time to think about 100 songs that have changed your life in some way (or just any that you like) and make a play list. Who knows, maybe someday it will change your life. Here is one from my list that you all might like.


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